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I started watching Reign, because it turned up on Netflix and I needed some light entertainment.

It's silly and the opposite of historically accurate and has tons of the exact kind of annoying romance plots you'd expect from such a show. I'm also completely in love with it, and finished the entire first season within a few days.

I can't really explain what I like about it, exactly. I just find it very enjoyable in all its silliness.
It certainly helps that I like almost all the characters. Including Catherine who thankfully always has motives for what she does, even if it is planning the demise of half the people at court.

And, more surprisingly, including Mary. Yes, she is the exact annoyingly perfect girl you often find in this kind of story. The main character that I usually don't care about too much. But in her case, it's different. Maybe it's because she is also a queen, who puts her country first and is willing to make tough decisions and fight anyone for its sake. I'm also very glad that the obvious love triangle between her, Francis, and Bash was resolved rather quickly and without too much drama.

Talking about Bash:
When he was first introduced, I was so sure he'd be the bad boy, Reign's Damon Salvatore to Francis' Stefan, basically. But then he turned out to be pretty much the kindest and most trustworthy person at court. The bastard brother who said he didn't want the throne, and truly didn't want the throne. The guy who runs around the woods trying to save innocent people (and yes, granted, sometimes gets his hands dirty and bloody in the process). The guy whose darkest secret is something that's neither dark nor his fault.
Needless to say he quickly turned into my favourite character on the show.

His one storyline I wish could have gone a differently was the one with Kenna. I'm not even talking about the forced marriage, even though that was one of the most horrible things to happen all season and they both deserved better. For Kenna's sake I'm glad that it was Bash. With him, at least, there was never any doubt she would be treated with respect, no matter how little he could stand her at the time.
But having them dislike each other, and then falling in love within just a few episodes... it's not unexpected, but the potential of those two free spirits becoming close friends instead, and enjoying their lives and freedom from social expectations with someone who will always have their back. I would have loved to see that. It would have suited them both so much better. Oh, well.

Now I'm going to sit here, and wait for Netflix to add season 2.


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Oct. 30th, 2015 05:40 am (UTC)
Reign is utterly ridiculous with being incredibly historically inaccurate and the anachronisms everywhere, and it's on the CW so a lot of the melodramatic storyline tropes would inevitably be part of the show. But I mostly started watching it because of the pretty, and also because Adelaide Kane, who plays Mary, is a visual inspiration for a character I'm writing for a thing so, yeah. :) And having Megan Follows play Catherine de Medici is such a treat, imho.

And while his character isn't horrible at all, I cannot look at Bash without seeing him as Thomas Culpeper from The Tudors, who was a slimeball. He even looks the same as he did in that show, as well. Heh.

Edited at 2015-10-30 05:40 am (UTC)
Oct. 30th, 2015 07:29 am (UTC)
Good choice on Adelaide Kane as a visual inspiration for your character. She's stunning.

And yeah, Megan Follows brings so much to the role of Catherine. I think it's mostly due to her that Catherine is such an interesting character.

Haha, poor Bash! ;) I only half remember the Tudors, aside from Natalie Dormer stealing the show. So I'm good there.
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