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The Martian

If you've seen the trailer or read the description you know what to expect. A one man show of a guy alone on Mars, surviving in science while waiting for the rescue mission. A rescue mission where everything that can go wrong, will go wrong, except for the horribly bad idea of a desperate last attempt.

Despite the predictability, it's still very entertaining. All the characters are likable, the dialogue is fun. And I don't know where people come from when they complain about too many technical details. The entire movie makes very sure not to get too technical.

Two things I thought were very refreshing:

1) There were no real antagonists. People sometimes clash, they have different opinions on how to go about things. But they all have their point, and they all have everyone's best interest at heart.

2) Nobody dies. I'm really tired of all those five people go to rescue one. At least three or four of the five die. It's nice to see everyone come back for a change. I don't care how unrealistic it is.

I read several times that Sebastian Stan's role was small and rather insignificant. Small-ish, okay. That didn't keep me from having a mild heart attack during the last part of the movie, watching him take walks outside, handling bombs etc. I spent quite some time mentally warning him not to dare do anything stupid. He didn't, thankfully.

Overall, it was good, but it's not a movie I care enough about to want to watch a second time.

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