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Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War has it all. The action feels fresh and exciting. Some scenes had the entire audience in tears from laughter, others were truly heartbreaking. It is not afraid to ask the tough questions and the leave you to ponder them on your own, refusing to give you a simple solution.

And despite the size of the story and the numbers of characters all pressed into 2 1/2 hours of screentime, the movie remains a Captain America movie at heart, in tone and topic but even more because it has Steve firmly placed at the centre, refusing to move even one inch, while everything else moves around him.
Overall, I'd say the movie is about 50% Captain America, 30% Winter Soldier, 15% Iron Man and 5% Avengers.

Once the first rush of excitement has ebbed away, I don't expect it to quite be able to challenge Winter Soldier for the top spot of my favourite MCU movies, but I fully expect it to settle for a close second.

There is so much I want to talk about, and I will probably write a few more detailed posts on specific topics when I've seen the movie a couple more times.

Edit: I just saw the movie for the second time and liked it even better! It's just so character driven. I don't think I'll ever tire of all the details and different motives. I truly do understand every single character's point of view, even if I don't agree with all of them.
Since my opinion hasn't changed on anything major, I'll just add a few things here, and change one or two I didn't remember correctly after the first time. All changes I make will be in bold

For now just a long list of thoughts from the top of my head:

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Communicating With Your Dog

Yesterday, Alys and I walked behind a woman with her two small dogs on a leash. What stood out to me, was that she keppt talking at them in a constant stream of words, and in a tone of voice that might make a sensitive dog like Alys duck and cower ("I said no barking stop that this way will you listen now...").

Her dogs however, didn't care one bit, dashing left and right, sniffing here and there and enjoying dog life on the first proper day of spring. They had probably learned that the strange noises coming from their human had no real significance for them

Then there is this dog training course I read about in the paper a few weeks ago. It was a one day course teaching your dog not to pick up things from the street, no matter how yummy. The description put a lot of focus on their use of non-verbal training, exclusively using body language to train your dog.

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"Hello, I'm Alys. Who Are You?"

Approaching Alys' and my one year anniversary, the one behavioral change that I've noticed most in the last days and weeks is her reaction to strangers and only vaguely familiar people (like neighbours).

When she moved in, she would be very hesitantly friendly towards most women and scared of almost all men. Meaning she'd avoid them or shy back from them if they approached her. Sometimes even freeze.

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